NamePrimary SectorsRestricted Site?
Academic Jobs OnlineHigher EdNo
American Alliance of MuseumsHigher Ed, Government, NonprofitNo
American Association of State and Local HistoriansGovernment, NonprofitNo
American Historical AssociationHigher Ed, Government, NonprofitNo
Association for Jewish
Higher EdYes, job listings available to AJS members only
Association of Midwest MuseumsHigher Ed, Government, NonprofitNo
California Association of MuseumsNonprofitNo
California Community Colleges RegistryHigher Ed – Community CollegesNo
Carney, Sandoe and AssociatesIndependent Secondary SchoolsYes, job referrals provided to registered clients
Chronicle of Higher Education – VITAEHigher Ed, Government, For-profit, NonprofitNo
Council on FoundationsNonprofitNo
Council on Library and Information ResourcesHigher EdNo
Digital Humanities NowHigher Ed, Government No
HASTAC (digital humanities & technology)Higher Ed, NonprofitNo
Higher Ed JobsHigher EdNo
History Jobs (primarily in the United Kingdom)Higher EdNo
H-Net Job GuideHigher Ed, Government, NonprofitNo
IdealistHigher Ed, Government, Nonprofit, Secondary Education, For-profitNo
Indeed.comHigher Ed, For-profit, Government, NonprofitNo
Inside Higher EducationHigher EdNo
Linked-InHigher Ed, For-profit, Government, NonprofitYes, job listings available to registered members
Monster.comHigher Ed, For-profit, Government, NonprofitNo
Moutain-Plains Museums AssociaitionHigher Ed, NonprofitNo
Museum Jobs (primarily in the United Kingdom)NonprofitNo
National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)Independent Secondary SchoolsNo
National Council on Public HistoryHigher Ed, For-profit, Government, NonprofitNo
National Trust for Historic PreservationGovernment, NonprofitNo
New England Museum AssociationHigher Ed, NonprofitNo
Public Service CareersHigher Ed, For-profit, Government, NonprofitNo
Higher Ed, NonprofitNo
Southern California Higher Education Recruitment ConsortiumHigher EdNo
United States Office of Personnel ManagementFederal GovernmentNo
Versatile Ph.D Premium (Accessed through BruinView)For-profit, Government, NonprofitYes, job listings available to current UCLA students logged onto BruinView
Western Museums AssociationGovernment, NonprofitNo